Key Facts


New Mount Reclaim Limited – KEY FACTS


  • The Claims Services
  1. Please note New Mount Reclaim Limited (trading under the style of “Money Reclaim Experts”) provides claims management services in connection with the pursuit of financial mis-selling type claims. The services New Mount Reclaim Limited provides involves investigating and advising upon financial mis-selling claims and thereafter assisting in pursuing redress or compensation where appropriate.
  2. In very brief terms, the following are the typical steps New Mount Reclaim Limited would undertake in the course of providing claims management services: (a) obtaining initial instructions from the client as to all relevant circumstances giving rise to the claim; (b) assessing the information provided and advising the client as to the possibility of making a claim; (c) preparing the necessary documentation for a claim to be submitted to the relevant respondent; (d) engaging the respondent to the point of admission or rejection of the claim; (e) advising the client on outcome and procedural steps including (without limitation) as to settlement terms.
  • Client’s Obligations
  1. New Mount Reclaim Limited considers that client co-operation is paramount in the claim process as it enhances the prospects of success. That so, the commitment New Mount Reclaim Limited expects from clients is as follows: (a) providing information and instructions when requested and promptly; (b) completing paperwork; (c) co-operating with New Mount Reclaim Limited at all times in the course of the claim process; and (d) not misleading New Mount Reclaim Limited in any way.
  • How New Mount Reclaim Limited Keeps its Clients Updated?
  1. Throughout the claim process, New Mount Reclaim Limited provides regular updates to the client of all material developments and a cumulative written update is provided on no less than 6 months intervals. New Mount Reclaim Limited will communicate generally with the client via telephone, post, email & SMS messages.
  • New Mount Reclaim Limited Fees
  1. Once a client enters into a contract with New Mount Reclaim Limited pursuant to the Terms & Conditions, New Mount Reclaim Limited would be entitled to charge a fee of 20% plus VAT (24%) of the gross amount of redress/compensation recovered on behalf of the client. The following is an illustration of the amount of the New Mount Reclaim Limited fee in the event that the compensation or redressed recovered from the respondent amounts to:
  £ £ £
Redress Recovered: 1,000.00 3,000.00 10,000.00
New Mount Reclaim Limited Charge @ 24% including VAT: 240.00 720.00 2,400
Net Compensation to Client: 760.00 2,280.00 7,600

Important Note: If the redress recovered by New Mount Reclaim Limited is used applied by the respondent towards arrears owed, the client remains liable to pay out of his/her own funds the fee chargeable by New Mount Reclaim Limited.

  • The Right to Cancel
  1. The client can cancel her/his agreement with New Mount Reclaim Limited at any time within 14 days of a claim being submitted without giving any reason and without incurring any liability unless New Mount Reclaim Limited receives an offer of compensation from the respondent within this period; in which case New Mount Reclaim Limited’s fee will be due. The client can communicate cancellation of the New Mount Reclaim Limited agreement by telephone, in writing, in person or can use the cancellation form accompanying the New Mount Reclaim Limited Terms & Conditions.
  • The Right to Terminate
  1. The client can terminate her/his agreement with New Mount Reclaim Limited at any time after the 14 days cancellation period (as explained above). In the event the client cancels after 14 days, the client will be charged for the work done, for any manual communication e.g. an outgoing or incoming call/letter or email to or from either You or the Company we will charge You £25 per communication. For any automated communication to You e.g. letter, SMS or email we will charge you £10 per communication If this occurs, New Mount Reclaim Limited’s fee will be due if the client ultimately receives an offer for compensation or redress from the relevant respondent.
  2. Available Redress Schemes
  3. The services rendered by New Mount Reclaim Limited are not mandatory. Individual clients are not required to use New Mount Reclaim Limited or any other claims management company.  Client are perfectly entitled and able to pursue complaints or claims directly against the relevant respondent(s) for free.  If the complaint or claim is rejected then the client may refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, again at no cost at all. Instructing New Mount Reclaim Limited is a client choice.